Finding Music in the Library

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If you're looking for a title or composer, use the Search box—there is one on every page. For best results, search for a single distinctive word. For instance, search "Sousa" rather than "John Philip Sousa" or "J. P. Sousa". If you want to match an exact phrase or title, put it in quotation marks. Also, you may need to explore a bit—publishers often used unexpected versions of titles, especially when the original was in a language other than English.

Advanced Search

If you're looking for something very specific (for instance, a march from 1917, or a solo for cornet), try the Advanced Search.


Not sure what's here? Browse the entire collection or check the home page for selected lists: Recently Added, Favorites and more. Using the controls in the center of the page, you can view the titles as a Grid or a List, set the number of pieces per page and sort by any field.

Narrowing your selection

Whether you're searching or browsing, the View By box in the left sidebar will tally the available titles by Grade, Instrumentation, Genre and Date so you can narrow your selection. Click on any title to see more information and a preview.

For a typical band: select anything with Instrumentation marked "New edition" or "Modern instrumentation". Check Grade and other info to tailor the best choices for your band.

If your Horns and Flutes can transpose on the fly, or if your band is able and willing to prepare parts in advance, also consider pieces with Instrumentation of "Complete as published". Check that there are no important parts marked as "Seeking". You may also need to choose substitute parts for saxophones. (See Guide to Playing Music from the Library for common substitutions, and How you can help for guidelines for creating transposed parts.)

Making a list

As you browse, you can keep track of interesting titles in several ways. When viewing the page for a single title, scroll to the bottom.

  • Click on "Add to Compare" to add the title to your Comparison List. View or print your list at any time from the Compare Pieces box in the top of the right sidebar.
  • Share the title, with yourself or others, using links for Facebook, Twitter or Google+.