Thoughts of Love



Arthur Pryor's "Thoughts Of Love" was originally written for John Philip Sousa's band as a waltz called "Love Thoughts" before Pryor revised it into the beloved trombone solo known and played the world over today. When the solo has been arranged for band, it generally follows the piano accompaniment, but for this edition, the original band version was used as a source with the piano accompaniment only filling in gaps and counter melodies that did not exist in the original "Love Thoughts" band version.

While no modern orchestrations were used as a reference for this arrangement, I did listen to an early version of the solo work performed (and probably orchestrated) by Arthur Pryor himself as inspiration for some arrangement decisions. In addition, the cadenza near the end has been revised to include parts of the traditional version of the solo, the excised melody from a section of the band version, and inspiration from Arthur Pryor's own performance.

– George Willson

Subtitle Valse de Concert
Composer Pryor, Arthur
Arranger Willson, George
Publisher BandMusic PDF Library
Date CC
Genre feature
Grade not graded
Instrumentation New edition
Keywords feature, dance, waltz
Notes See also Love Thoughts Waltz
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Thoughts of Love