Donate Music

Be a part of this Band Music Heritage Preservation Project!

This is your opportunity to become a treasure hunter. What seem like musty, flakey old pages stored in a filing cabinet may actually be pure gold to bands around the globe. Music treasures from the past are hiding in cabinets just waiting to see the light of day.

The public domain sheet music in your band library has a limited lifespan. And it deteriorates every day. Let us preserve it for you.

Fill in Missing Parts

Some worthy pieces have been posted on the Library even though they have parts missing. Examples include incomplete works of great merit or historic importance. Check out our Missing Parts list. Find the pages in your collection then scan and send them to us to help complete these works. Scanning Guidelines »

Complete Sets of Band Music

Locate music in your library from 1922 or earlier. Check to see that we don’t already have it. Scan according to our Scanning Guidelines. Get it to us via email, Dropbox or other file transfer system and we’ll put it online to share with bands around the world.


If your family has been storing the band library of an earlier generation, please consider giving the music a permanent home in our online library. Contact us to discuss this possible donation: