BandMusic PDF Library contains musical gems from the time of Gilmore, Sousa, Pryor, Liberati, Goldman, Reeves and other professional bands that were wildly popular in their day. In addition to touring the country, performing in cities and towns across America, the bands attained stardom status at fairs, centennials and exhibitions. They were some of the first to have their music widely distributed on recordings… in on the ground floor of the recording industry. Intro

Who Are We?

We are BandMusic PDF Library, conservators and stewards of our band music heritage from the time of John Philip Sousa, Karl L. King, Henry Fillmore and all the other great composers who were active during the Golden Age of the American Town Band.

Our special focus is public domain music from the 1880s through 1922.


Music from this time period was donated to North Royalton (Ohio) Community Band — boxes and boxes and boxes of time-worn, brown-edged sheet music.

Most pages were too fragile to hand out so we decided to scan the music. Once everything was scanned, the next logical step was to share it with other bands. Just in time, our first webmaster, Graham Nasby, stepped up and agreed to create a library website and host it.

The Library became a non-profit corporation in 2006.


BandMusic PDF Library has been online since February 2006. Our first thought was to have about 50 pieces online — mostly marches and a few dances. That number soon surpassed the 100 mark. Fast forward a few years and we've passed 3,000 titles, with no end in sight. And now the rich library holdings include marches of every description, all kinds of dances, ragtime, major period concert works, and solos with band accompaniment for a wide variety of instruments including voice. All three websites that formerly contained our music are now rolled into one.

With this much music online, our former plan of operation has become unworkable. The current plan is to post everything, then go through and make as many pieces playable as possible. This will necessitate filling in missing pages and transposing Piccolo and Horn parts to modern keys.

On the Search Page, is a sortable column, "Tiers."
This lets you know where each piece is in the process.

Tier 4 — Scanned Set Edition
(Pages just as they came from the scanner. Many have had a basic cleaning, though.)

Tier 3 — Restored Classic Edition
(The original music with every page cleaned, straightened, cropped to look brand new.)

Tier 2 — Print & Play Edition
(The original published music with parts added for modern bands - complete instrumentation.)

Tier 1 — New Edition
(Full score and new set of parts by our very talented editors and arrangers from three continents.)

Major Call to Action

BandMusic PDF Library is mounting a major effort to fill in missing pages and make as much of the music playable by present day bands as possible. Consult the "How You Can Help" page for details, then join in this historic preservation effort. Our near-term goal is to make 1,000+ titles complete and playable. After that, the sky's the limit.

Please note that replacement music donations that follow our Scanning Guidelines will be posted in a timely way, ordinarily within two working days. Others will be placed in our "Pending" folder until someone has time to repair the scans and post them.

Next to the Library of Congress, BandMusic PDF Library is believed to have the world's largest free online sheet music catalog dedicated exclusively to band music. Patrons come from every corner of the globe and in many parts of the world this cherished music is readily available for the very first time.

As always, there is no charge for downloading and using these band treasures.

All music in BandMusic PDF Library is copyright-free in the USA. Visitors from other countries — please determine that you are complying with your country's copyright regulations, which may differ from those of the USA.



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