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Many good things are happening here, especially The Library is growing at a steady pace almost daily. Our Scanning Tech is cranking out about 10 or so new vintage items per week-- includes scanning, cleaning, straightening and resizing. We're posting 1 or two New Editions each month. Plus at least 10 or more files are updated weekly to fill missing pages. And a Library Associate and I continue to complete data in the search table to help find what you are looking for. 

We're up to 3,790 items in the collection as of this morning, up from 2,985 when we opened the new library.

Boxes of vintage music in print are being donated to The Library and we now have more than a year's worth in the queue to be scanned.

It's this spirit of generosity that is making this heritage project truly "The band library for musicians — by musicians!


Frequently Requested Titles
A Curated List 

•  Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades) Teike, Martin Tousignant, editor
•  American Festival Overture, Wm. F. Kretschmer
•  American Patrol, F.W. Meacham
•  Amidst Thunder of Cannons, J.C. Heed, edited by Marc Oliver
•  Aroldo, Overture to, Giuseppe Verdi
•  Barber of Seville, arranged by M.C. Meyrelles
•  Carmen, George Bizet, arranged by V.F. Safranek
•  Colonel Bogey, Kenneth J. Alford
•  Coronation March, G. Meyerbeer
•  Dance of the Hours, A. Ponchielli
•  Die Frau Meisterin, Franz von Suppe 
       - Continued on CODA page 

What Others are Saying

"Thanks again for all those years of finding old gems I thought I'd never see or play again." — Dennis Havens

Featured Content

Complete settings for bands of today,
including full scores and parts

Under the Double Eagle — Josef Wagner (1858-1908) - New Edition by Martin Tousignant - A long-time favorite from the "Austrian March King". Includes full score.

Joyce's 71st N.Y. Regimental March — Thornton Barnes Boyer (1881) - New Edition by Martin Tousignant. They don't get much more dramatic than this. Includes full score.

Both of the above are substantial works for band. Historic music in brand new settings. 

Recent additions of special merit

March "Independentia" — One of R. B. Hall's best; written for New England community bands.  It's now in a Print & Play Edition. Conduct from a reduced score.

Whistler and His Dog — Arthur Pryor - Full set of parts for the modern band.  Features solo Piccolo and whistling from the band. It's now in a Print & Play Edition in the Library. Conduct from a Cornet part.

Powhatan's Daughter — Sousa wrote this tribute to Pocahontas.  The writing is colorful and descriptive.  It's now in a Print  & Play Edition. Conduct from a band part.

Wish List...  

Arbucklenian Polka — John Hartmann wrote this Cornet Solo with band to honor Matthew Arbuckle, cornet virtuoso in the mid-1800s. Complete as published; needs modern parts.

Massa's in de Cold Ground Fantasie for Baritone.  Written by Simone Mantia, Euphonium virtuoso and composer. Needs Clarinets 2-3 plus modern parts.



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